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New scenarios are
emerging. It is time to
evolve together


It all began with a simple chat between like-minded friends in the travel industry, sharing thoughts and plans for the future. Following the global Covid-19 pandemic, as the world’s travelers began once more to dream of visiting far-off places, we listened carefully to the market, our closest partners and loyal clients, and we focused on the answers to their needs. And we realized there was one sure way to offer the very best of our respective countries: By working together as one!

Our innovative approach lies in enhancing every experience associated with what it means to explore South America, while at the same time keeping everything smooth and simple.
Imagine working hassle-free with a single point of contact able to cover all your needs throughout the region, while knowing and trusting that you will have the support of the best DMCs in the South American travel sector.
By working together, we are able to bridge those gaps often encountered by travel companies when doing business in our part of the world.

We are Blumar Brazil, Alchemy Dmc Argentina & Chile, and Coltur Peru.

Together, we share not only many decades of experience in the travel business but also the same commitment to delivering excellent service, while constantly innovating in order to provide the very best in travel within South America.

We all work to the same high standards, based upon quality of service and deep-rooted professionalism, delivering customized and unique experiences for your travelers.

Collectively, the emphasis on excellence that characterizes each of us as a leading DMC strengthens us and enables us to operate right across our continent.

We invite you to be part of this select new South American family of partners and customers!

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