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Sergio Pizzagalli
ALCHEMY´s Director Argentina & Chile

Paula SantosBLUMAR’s Director

Enrique M. VelascoCOLTUR’s Director of Business

The brothers Diego, Enrique and Miguel Velasco, Sergio Pizzagalli and Paula Santos, are like-minded travel industry colleagues and friends. They are the founders of Terra Sur. Their many invaluable years of experience are the product of their leadership of the prestigious travel companies COLTUR Peru, ALCHEMY Argentina & Chile, and BLUMAR Brazil. These are their stories.

What motivated you to start
developing this project?

Sergio Pizzagalli “As a team, it is possible to achieve the challenging goal of becoming leaders in the region: a solid and standardized international tourism service throughout South America that combines all the main destinations within the region.”
Paula Santos “Finding like-minded companies able to offer a consistent level of service throughout South America, for clients who require a one-stop shop.”
Enrique M. Velasco “ALCHEMY, BLUMAR and COLTUR’s senior management have been close friends for a very long time. Furthermore, we all share a love for our respective countries, the same ethical approach to business, and a commitment to constant innovation and improvement.”

What makes you a great team?

Sergio Pizzagalli ”We have brought together more than 15 years of professional respect and friendship between the founding partners of TERRA SUR, in a project that enables us to develop and share working methods that converge in the creation of a single philosophy. We are specialists, focused on the cultures of the countries we are proud to represent.”
Paula Santos “Individual areas of expertise, all directed towards the same goal -making clients happy!”
Enrique M. Velasco “The cooperation between our three companies began, informally, many years ago, with the sharing of best practices and joint participation in key trade shows.”

What is TERRA SUR’s major strength?

Sergio Pizzagalli “The strengths of each team are founded upon the leadership and prestige earned by us all in our respective countries, and this positions TERRA SUR as a leader in all of South America.”
Paula Santos “We combine our individual experience, we share our strengths, and we connect the dots to facilitate the process of traveling within all of South America.” 
Enrique M. Velasco “Our major strength lies in the people who make up our teams, with their shared love for our respective countries, sound business ethics, and creativity.”


What makes TERRA SUR different?

Sergio Pizzagalli ”The essence of TERRA SUR is a work team made up of the finest professionals, with the highest levels of excellence and experience in each country. As a team, our focus is on clear goals and well-defined standards of service, with our own booking center, coordinating all our operations and unifying the final product in a single point of contact.”
Paula Santos “The variety of markets we operate in, and the shared knowledge and expertise that guarantee the very best service for our clients. Together, we have more than 100 years’ experience operating exclusively in Latin America.”
Enrique M. Velasco “As the world “got smaller” and South America became an attractive destination for long-haul travelers wanting to see more than one country during their stay, we all agreed that a formal partnership was the natural way for us to evolve.”

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